G-Men provides weekly and bi-weekly garbage pick-up for our residential customers. Our roll cart service is hassle-free: no guessing weight; no going to the store; no buying your own garbage can. Simply use the prepaid G-Men service and roll the cart to the end of your driveway for pick-up. We provide you with either a 32 gallon or a 64 gallon roll cart, free of charge for your use while enrolled in one of our programs. 

Curbside Garbage Manners

  1. Please place roll cart in your designated service location the night before or by 6AM on collection day.
  2. Please place roll cart within 4 feet of driving lane or alley.
  3. Place cart away from parked cars, trees, fences, mailboxes and other obstructions so cart may be easily seen and accessible for G-Men drivers.
  4. Bag and tightly fasten waste, including diapers and pet waste, before placing in your garbage container. This prevents loose garbage from flying out of the cart on windy days. You may also re-use your grocery/shopping bags for this purpose.
  5. Never overfill your cart or use your neighbor’s cart. Lids should be closed and contents must fall out easily.
  6. There may be times when drivers may not be able to collect your garbage. Some reasons are due to trash stuck in the cart - overcompaction may indicate the need for a larger trash cart.
  7. Bulky items require a special pick up and may be arranged by calling our office @ 218.365.5587. This includes appliances, furniture, TV’s / Computer Monitors, and other items that may not fit in your cart.
  8. During winter months, keep carts free and clear of snow and other obstructions.

Hazardous Waste - Residential

  1. Minnesota law prohibits the disposal of hazardous waste in regular trash collection containers. This also includes cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in televisions.
  2. For additional information regarding the disposal of hazardous household waste, contact: 

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) or the agency in your county.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

651.296.6300 or toll-free 800.657.3864

St. Louis County - Environmental Services

800.450.9278 toll free

Please call our office at 218.365.5587 or request a quote for service. We look forward to doing business with you.

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