Service Map

Waste Collection Service Area

Residential / Commercial Service Area:

Fall Lake Township
Fayal Township
Lake Esquagamah
Lake Vermillion
Tower / Soudan
Wouri Township
Surrounding areas

Please don’t hesitate to call and check if we service your location!

Roll-Off Dumpster Service Area:

Servicing the Entire Iron Range and Surrounding Areas For Over 40 Years!

G-Men offers a variety of services, including:

- Weekly or bi-weekly garbage pick-up
- Free 36- or 65-gallon roll-cart
- Three payment options

- Garbage pick-up
- Containers from 2 to 6 yards
- Project-related refuse

- Dumpsters delivered to your site and picked up when no longer needed
- Four dumpster sizes, from 2 to 6 yards
- Perfect for basement and garage clean-outs, moving, or remodeling projects
- Easy online request form

- Roll-off dumpsters ranging in size from 10 to 30 yards
- Delivered to your site and picked up when
- Perfect for cleaning, remodeling, roofing or demolition
- Easy online request form

Demolition Services:
- Home demolition, construction demolition, and building demolition
- Disposal of all building materials
- Excavation and site work available

Check our service map below to see if services are offered in your area. Please call 218-365-5587 for more information.


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